American deaths due to drug overdoses in 2017
Addiction is a disease, not a moral failing.
No one has to suffer alone. No one has to die from this disease.

Clatsop County Crisis Line
24-Hours 365 Days a Year


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
24-Hours 365 Days a Year


National Substance Abuse Helpline
24-Hours 365 Days a Year

1-800-662-HELP (4357)


  • Prevention through school and community based education and events
  • Raise awareness by connecting with the other local organizations to promote prevention
  • Promoting educational resources for prevention and recovery


  • Provide direction and connection to the resources which help those struggling with addiction 
  • Website with local information of rescources, groups, counceling, and support
  • Set-up community volunteers to assist those looking to overcome their addiction and to guide them
  • Support treatment models that have proven long term success


  • Remove the stigma of alcoholism and drug dependence
  • Advocate for expansion and improvment of treatment locally
  • Promote the disease concept of alcoholism and drug dependency
  • Connect those in need of recovery with support and resources

Saving Lives and Helping Families Recover